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The proportional amount of elderly people (65+) in the world will increase dramatically in the near future. This cause of events is what PIPS:lab call Greyification. And in it they see an enormous possibility for commercial self-enrichment.
Thus they create www.DieSpace.nl: the first internet community for those in the Afterlife.
With grannies skateboarding on walking frames, musical wheelchairs, many laptops, camera's and light sensors PIPS:lab presents an interactive and song soaked show about life after death. You have a death wish but are hesitant to pursue your dream? With DieSpace you can leave your life and loved ones behind with complete peace of mind!

BEWARE: for all performances at La Parfumerie and at Grà¼tli, the number of seats is limited.
RESERVATION: Please send a mail to reservation@mappingfestival.com saying the date, the place and the number of seats to reserve.

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