Herman Kolgen



Array to Installation / ExhibitionLe Commun (Bâtiment d'art contemporain)
Array to Audiovisual PerformanceThéâtre du Grütli
Array to Audiovisual PerformanceThéâtre du Grütli

Stochastic Process - Installation
Known for his multimedia creations for over twenty years, Herman Kolgen is a multidisciplinary artist who lives in Montreal. In a dark and closed space, a sound source maintains projected light dust in suspension. This dynamic tension has a direct effect on the gravitational behavior of microscopic dust. The geography of these particles is therefore affected by these random modulations, producing abrupt breaks or the opposite, promoting the formation of highly organized systems, called Stochastic Process.

Inject - Audiovisual Performance
Performance Modular HD and multichannel audio.
In real sculptor audiovisual Kolgen here uses the human body as a guinea pig by immersing in a tank of water for 45 minutes. Its cortex, in lack of oxygen, will gradually lose all sense of reality. An overwhelming experience.

BEWARE: for all performances at La Parfumerie and at Grà¼tli, the number of seats is limited.
RESERVATION: Please send a mail to reservation@mappingfestival.com saying the date, the place and the number of seats to reserve.

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