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Array to Audiovisual PerformanceLa Parfumerie

The MetaMapping is a unique program, ten days of residency organized by the Mapping Festival and the collective 1024 architecture. Co-founders of the collective Exyzt, Pier Schneider and Francois Wunschel manufacture audiovisual installations, micro-architecture, performances, exhibitions, interventions in an urban surrounding and... So much more...

The MetaMapping's goal is to unite a carefully selected group of ten international and local artists who will work together with interactive media on projects containing projections, light and music.
From the 27th of April till the 7th of May these artists will take over the Parfumerie, live, work and create there. The result (installation/ performance) will be presented on the 7th May.

1024 Architecture - Exyzt (F) : Pier Schneider, Fernando Favie
et François Wunschel (
Tagtool (AU): Matthias Fritz, Marcus Dorniger, Tanja Tonic (
Scott Fitzgerald (USA), Memo Aitken (UK ), Begoà±a M. Santiago (Es)

//// Steve Buchanan (ch), Heike Fiedler (ch), Yohan Jacquier
(ch), Asuka Deschenaux (ch), Reto Schenker (ch), Frederic Gardet (ch), André Joye (ch), Ghostape (ch)...

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