L'art immersif


Array to Workshop / Lecture / Software demonstrationLe Commun (Bâtiment d'art contemporain)

The conference is oriented around immersive installations of the Contempory Art Center (BAC) with the presence of all the artists in the exhibition.

In this debate the artists talk about their installations presented at the BAC exhibition at the request of the Mapping Festival. The concept immersion, coveted and this has always been in the history of art, now takes new forms with the advent of new technologies. Indeed, it makes a change in artistic but also within the museum. Artists debate these developments and the different opportunities it creates.

With the presence of:
Herman Kolgen (CA), Laetitia Boulud (SRI) and Alex de Jong (NL) for Re-thinking Visual, Alex Posada (ES), Ana Ascencio and Alain Thibault (Elektra Festival, Montreal).

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