Array to Workshop / Lecture / Software demonstrationLe Commun (Bâtiment d'art contemporain)

Hosted by: Manuel Schmalstieg (CH); with: Carrie Gates (CA), Raphael Diluzio (USA), Ana Carvalho (PO), Tom Bassford aka Sleepytom (UK), students from Geneva School of Art (HEAD),
and several other virtual and physical participants

Manuel Schmalstieg, together with 4 experts in the field of VJing and students from the HEAD section "Media Design", will host the May 6th to 13th a writing workshop on collaborative on Wikipedia at Mapping meeting point: the "Backslash" (19 rue des Rois). This workshop will aim at the improvement and expansion of articles about VJing in french and english Wikipedia pages, which are quite incomplete and controversial. The method used will be that of "book-sprint", consisting in assembling a team of motivated contributors during 5 days of intensive writing.
The results of the workshop will be presented publicly during a lecture on May 13th at BAC.

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