Gangpol und mit


Array to Audiovisual PerformanceZoo / Usine
Array to Workshop / Lecture / Software demonstrationLa Parfumerie

AV live performance (F)
As a music and graphic duet, Gangpol und Mit works on a peculiar world of deviant cartoon inhabited by colorful and geometrical creatures - a bestiary that evolves in lysergic environments and takes part in apocalyptic stories.
In this project, melodies crush and rebuild various styles, sources that are dug out from a huge digital sandbox : coconut swing, boogaloo noise, tango massacre, imaginary folklores...Behind the aspect of a technicolor frenzy and of a DIY entertainment, an absurd and uncanny dimension appears : a dog that has been run over, a technological apocalypse, some terrorist confetti exploding everywhere...

Workshop for children
Gangpol and Mit work within a cartoon universe of colored and geometrical creatures. Here the French duo will introduce the children to the joys and techniques of animation and video projections. By participating, they will learn how to retouch a photo on photoshop, animate it with Flash and install a soundtrack thanks to the composition software. The children will also participate with the live projection with audience at the end. A workshop which might arouse some vocations.

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