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Array to Workshop / Lecture / Software demonstrationLa Parfumerie
Array to Workshop / Lecture / Software demonstrationLa Parfumerie

Flash Vjing and FLxER presentation + usage

FLxER is an interactive, flash-based free-software for audio/video/multimedia contents mixing and live video performances. FLxER also represents a web-community with more than 11.000 users sharing their productions.

The FLxER seminary consists of two parts, during two days.
The FLxER Creative Team will first present the FLxER project: software and related artistic projects. Follows an introduction about the community, an important virtual space where live video artists are able to share their work creating live interactions among the 11.000 visual artists from all over the world joining the platform: an "art community" which makes FLxER an on-line archive updated with more than 4.000 videos, animations, sounds and concepts.
In the next part of the workshop the FLxER Team performs a show-case performance where every action of each performer is explained in real-time giving a full overview of the software's features.
The last part of the seminary is focused on the production of multimedia contents and video libraries for live video performances with Adobe Flash. Through individual exercises participants acquire the technical know-how about the creation of footage using the Flash environment: video signals' capture, screen capture, photography techniques. Eventually participants learn how to organize their contents in ready-to-use libraries to import them in FLxER.

The main goal of the seminary is to give participants without a previous experience in Live Visuals Performances the required knowledge and skills to independently produce creative multimedia contents for Vjing and audiovisual performances using the FLxER environment.

Participants should bring their laptops and they are also encouraged to bring cameras, photo-cameras, MIDI devices.

Limited number of participants.
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