Marco Donnarumma aka TheSAD


Array to Audiovisual PerformanceSpoutnik / Usine

LPM Live Performers Meeting presents
I C::ntr::l Nature v3.0

A gigantic, stringy life form struggles to take life, the convulsions slowly transform its shape in a brand-new body, at last a caterpillar is revealed. Where minimal and organic sounds mutate in fearful drones its last beat of wings will finally defeat the fire of Nature.
I C::ntr::l Nature (Marco Donnarumma, 2006-2009) is an unambiguous, synesthetic action of audiovisual improvisation.
The live act represents the sarcastic celebration of the human instinct finally able to govern the nature. The improvised body gestures of the performer sculpt in real-time the soundscape and the moving images. The living creature on the screen reacts to the movements of the performer on stage in a mutual agreement and attraction.

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