The Mapping Festival is dedicated to the advancement of the VJ medium. It does so by initiating events where the medium of projecting images is combined with other currents in contemporary culture, and bringing these events to the people of Geneva and international visitors.

Formed in 2005 by the creators of Modul8 and the association of the night club Le Zoo/Usine, The festival seeks to present works by individuals and collectives that share a passion for real time image making and performance.

The festival is a labratory for the VJing discipline, offering both novices and professionals the possibilty for experiemntation as well as a forum for exchanging ideas and resources. This approach has given it a reputation within the world wide VJ community.

What is VJing ?
The definition of VJing is performance which consists in creating moving visual art (often video) on large displays or screens, often at events such as concerts, nightclubs and music festivals, and usually in conjunction with other performance art. This results in a live, multimedia performance that can include music, actors or dancers as well as live and prerecorded video. Also sometimes called “Realtime” or “Realtime Video.”

Team 2011 :

Curators: Amira El May, Justine Beaujouan, Boris Edelstein.

Amira El May — Programmation
Gaëlle Amoudruz — Festival coordinator, communications and fundraising
Corinne Benoit — Festival coordinator and administration
Nicolas Donnet — Musical programmation
Adrien Boulanger — Technical and video director
Stéphanie Gautier — Production
Amanda Costantini — Programmation assistant
Nevena Puljic — Communication assistant
Benjamin Jacquot — Production assistant
David Pinto – Bar manager
Tânia Miranda – Volonteers coordinator
Olivier Kolly – Logistic coordinator
Dimitri Delcourt — Graphic design
Eric Morzier and Mehdi Lahlou — Web master
Stéphane Pecorini — Photo documentation
Jérôme Monnot — Video documentation
Vania Jaikin Miyazaki and Camille Dedieu – Video documentation assistants

Committee of the association
President: Boris Edelstein
Treasurer: Justine Beaujouan
Secretary: Wendy Coutau

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