VJ Contest

A contest to reward the best VJs of the moment on May 14th and May 15th, 2010 at Spoutnik (l’Usine)!

The principle: A professional and impartial jury will select and judge sixteen VJs in four runs, during two days.
Live, surprises and big prizes to win!

This year the winner of the Mapping Festival 2010 is : Yannick from M&Y, from Switzerland !

Here is the list of the participants:

M&Y (CH)
The M&Y, who met in an orphanage, a divine apparition with Henri Dès as background music which was followed by an artistic revelation, have as leitmotiv “to fight for their right to party”, slogan of the Beasty Boys and Zulu Nation. Daily they brighten up weddings, bar mitzvahs and tea parties with their visuals which are a mixture of Rat Fink and Pierre Billon.

BewegtBildBau (GE)
BewegtBildBau means “motion image construction”. The audiovisual performance of these Germans is made of urban and organic visuals. The whole thing is combined with electronic music which creates the right atmosphere. A poetic ambiance.

Bordos.Artworks (HG)
Bordos.Artworks s is a freelancer 3d artist working in the high resolution video projection industry since 2004 and also doing vj-ing and creating abstract 3d animations aiming artistic values. For him, 3d animation is a powerful tool for visualizing abstract thoughts and satisfying
contemporary visual needs.

Phonk (NL)
MotionGraphix, InstallationCreation, ArtistikDirectionalism, VisualDeconstuctivism, CollageTerrible, 3Dimensionalism, ImageneticEngineerDeLuxe, IsoMorphPhilosophy, ParticleAcrobatism,
BeamBombastix, PixelPainting, EyeInflator, BetaMaxMurderer, MidiMafioso & CompositClown since 1998…

Indefinite Vj
(Peru, CH)
Visual Jockey self taught, working since late 2009 as a VJ.
His interest in film and short film led him to dabble in video art and graphic design. Influenced by surrealism, architecture, photography, experimental film, collage.
His Vjs-set have accompanied artists like a Adam F, Cause 4 Concern, Anastasia, Circumflux, Silent Extent.

Vision Nocturne (BE)
Quand le collectif Vision Nocturne prend le contrôle d’une arène visuelle, c’est un duo-duel qui commence. Parce que ces deux artistes nourris aux mêmes théorèmes esthétiques graphiques durant leurs années communes aux Beaux-Arts ont décidé de prendre des voies artistiques opposées le jour. Pour mieux se retrouver la nuit, et s’affronter à images égales lors de leurs mixes.
L’un allie l’abstraction du vectoriel aux tonalités chaudes, pendant que l’autre s’oppose sur écran avec des images plutôt organiques dans des tonalités souvent froides.
Quand Vision Nocturne prend les rennes d’une performance visuelle le temps d’un événement (soirées nocturnes, concerts, festivals. . .), c’est tout un monde de paradoxes créatifs qui entre en scène et explose à l’écran en un joyeux chaos d’images complémentaire absolu.

Vj_waky (ES)
Sergi Palau (Vj Waky) is an outstanding vj of the Valencian (Spain) scene that combines this facet with those of photographer and producer of video. For his sessions Vj Waky combines photographic animations, 3D, own and sampled videos that, combined to each other, offers to the public their particular vision of the ample phantom of the human being. He is one of the founders of the NiñoViejo collective.

Chindogu (URY)
Visual artist, graphic designer, art director and musician.
In recent years, VJ Chindogu has experimented with the launching, and interlinking of audio and visuals in real time. With a large visual range, VJ Chindogu stages artistic interventions on unconventional surfaces using techniques such as video mapping and live painting, by using Iphone,
Wiimote and Guitar Hero interfaces that combine audio and video.

Chocobetterave (CA)
Descendant from the Northern Finnish tradition of VJing, Chocobeets moves images and landscapes on screen. Resident VJ at Pecha Kucha Nights in Montreal, she likes peanut butter and dinosaurs.

1mpar (BR)
Henrique Roscoe is a digital artist, musician and designer. Works in the audiovisual area since 2004.
Has a conceptual and generative project called ‘HOL’. All the compositions seek a correspondence between audio and video and they are performed live or in the form of videos or installations. Makes part of the audiovisual duo ‘addd’.Develops interactive installations, programming in Processing, vvvv and Max/Msp. Builds instruments and interactive interfaces using sensors and common day objects.Produces video-sceneries for bands and events in Brazil, Germany and USA.
Is one of the curators and producers of FAD – digital art festival that happens in Belo Horizonte since 2007.

Vj offonoll (ES)
Vj offonoll performs his visual composer Computer-Generated and Interactive Visual in Real Time. He is dedicated to explore the visual communication through nonlinear processes. The improvisation provides visual interactivity to the artist and Sync video with audio to create Live Cinema and vj sets. His professional career has undergone many changes but has always remained under the design field. Now, visual interaction has become his major interest and experimentation with new technologies. Oscar Font is looking for interactive visual communication with a perfect sense of the video synchronized with the environment, the audio and its
surroundings. He creates and produces their own videos using visual programming in Quartz Composer that lets you create computer-generated video. This breaks the linear time and encourages improvisation in Real Time. He uses VDMX for live performance to control and mix all his
interactive videos.

Jynzà (CH)

VJ Carrie Gates (CA)
VJ Carrie Gates juxtaposes abstract digital glitchery with hand shot custom footage of experimental sensual delights to create a space of hypnotizing bent reality. She teases out an inner fantasy world that courts a playful and sometimes confrontational physicality in a world of disembodied technological communication. Living in Saskatoon, Saskatchewan, Canada has helped Carrie develop a distinctive style to her work.

Pulsize (FR)

BenRichard (BE)

Undef (CH)

Prizes provided by Art Computer, Codanova, Modul8, Home VJ, Vimeo…
The trips and accommodation are not supported by Mapping.

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